Welcome to Esar Bharat Fuel Corporation (EBFC). We invites you start your own Biodiesel/Biogas/CBG/CNG/Ethanol Plant with Government subsidy & Bank finance.

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Welcome to EBFC

Esar Bharat Fuel Corporation (EBFC) invites you to be a piece of this marvelous development and change, where you can combine your yearnings and qualities with that of our own and work towards energizing a billion lives. Esar Bharat Fuel Corporation (EBFC) perceives its duty towards the network and has been working honestly for the improvement of flimsier segments of society for a considerable length of time. We try to amplify the effect of our drives, guaranteeing it benefits every one of the partners. We always be countable on customer satisfaction, For us in India customer is always a GOD.

Our Vision

Making INDIA first complete running country on bio-fuel with pollution free vehicles on road.

Our Mission

To create awareness about Biogas, Biodiesel and Biomass based various technologies among the public . To promote the installation of Energy/Power plants based on renewable energy sources.




Higher Milege

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EBFC looks to the future in being a responsible and meaningful force in the field of BIOFUELS.EBFC is positioned as a socially responsible entity in that it has a Zero Discharge in terms of Effluents.

Business Model

EBFC Business Partners/Franchise plan to start a Biofuel Project. EBFC groups will tie-up with Business Partners/Franchise in a unique model in which both parties will get benefited.

In this model, Business Partners/Franchise Partner puts resources into Land, Infrastructure, Licenses and EBFC gives Project Design, Unique Business Model, Permission support, Brand Promotions with Business Operations Support.

Steps To Open Bio Fuel Plant/Pump

Step 1


Apply to become a Biofuel Plant/Pump Owner, Franchisee. Applicants need to apply online via website : esarbiofuel.com or Off-line to Email all relevant details and document on Email ID info@esarbiofuel.com

Step 2


On receiving the application, EBFC Sales Team will get in touch with the applicant to assess their eligibility. They will then scrutinize the application, supporting documents, land area and location and applicant's financial background

Step 3


Once the application is approved, EBFC will do contact agreement with the applicants to start Biofuel Plant/Pump at applicants land. Applicant should be asked to submit required documents, Bank Guarantee, Credit Franchisee fee.

Eligibility Criteria

We are searching for Partners in our adventure to construct a feasible and upbeat future for India. Comprehend your qualification here

Ideally, franchise partner should be

  • Indian National above 21 years of age
  • Graduate with experience of managing retail store fronts / business
  • Clear title of land for fuel station on Highways / Peri Urban Roads / Urban
  • Financially stable
  • Entrepreneurial traits

Selection criteria

  • Land location, size and title
  • Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Financial History / Background and Financial Stability
  • Current and Future Commitments